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Gents Barber Club

Who we are 

 Founded in 2016, Gents Barber Club has become a household name as one of the Top 10 Barbershops in San Francisco, Most Stylish and Most visited in the Mission. We attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our customers and community deserve the ​highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. ​

What we do 

We provide top notch barbering services at affordable prices for everyone to enjoy.  We strive to help people look and feel their best without breaking their wallet. 

From the Founder

 To begin, I am not a Barber. So why a Barbershop? One, for the appreciation of the barbershop feel and two, out of frustration. After having countless of bad experiences,  I decided  to recreate a place just as I remember growing up. Good service, professionalism and of course add value to the neighborhood. For me, a Barbershop is all about community. Its about building generational bonds and lasting memories. A place where its not just a place you get a haircut but more about a feeling of belonging. 

 A great example  of how we add value is how we keep our prices low. As a local and long term resident of La Mission, it is important to me that we keep our community in mind by offering our  services at affordable prices for everyone to enjoy. Not just a selected group.  We strive to help every person look and feel great without breaking their wallet. Another way is how we build our teams. We make it a point to hire people that are a clear representation of the neighborhood. I myself was born in Mexico and like most of my team, we are all people of color. Our diversity and commitment to service is what truly makes our shop special.

Our Story 

Gents is more than a haircut, its an experience. We pride ourselves in the way we treat our clients and we strive to be recognized for more than haircutting. Founded in 2016, Gents Barber Club has quickly become a household name and has been rated Top 10 Barbershops in San Francisco, Most Stylish, and Most Visited in THE MISSION. Gents is locally owned and is operated by locals who represent the Vibrant Mission District. We believe our diversity and inclusion in both our team and are our clients is what truly makes us special



3041 24th Street

San Francisco, CA 94110





1060 Olin Ave

San Jose, CA 95128





Monday- Friday 10-8

Saturday 9-6

Sunday 9-4