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Our Story 

Our mission is simple, to provide good quality haircuts at affordable prices everyone can enjoy.  We believe that by welcoming people of all types, we can help more people look and feel their best.  Our vision is to become the business of choice that is recognized for more than haircuts. We strive to be a community partner no matter where we go. 

How the journey began: No School like to Old School 

Many years ago, Barbershops started fading  away due to newer  trends in the industry such as longer hair, hair salons and the production of self care shaving tools to name a few.  Until recently,  a demand for the barbershop gained popularity to keep up with the demand for longer beards and shorter hair. Not until now,  many people had never stepped inside a barbershop let alone know what old school really is. That's why we are here, to bring back those "old school" traditions many of us yearned for but could not find.  Today,  many establishments claim to be old school which could not be further from the truth. For us, old school is about community and how we treat those we serve. We value long term bonds and we are not just just in the business of haircutting . We wanna be the place where everybody knows your name. 

Our Hours​

Hours of operation 

Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 8pm

Sunday - 10-4

Monday - 10-7

3041 24th Street

San Francisco, CA 94110