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Paula Guzman 


Paula, a San Francisco native, found inspiration a couple of years ago when she picked up a pair of sheers and clippers and got to work. Her newly discovered talent in the industry can be seen in the details she provides to each and every client. She believes that through proper consultation, she can can find what is best for clients while also adding her personal touches of flair and creativity. Paula has trained with some of Marin's top stylist where she found the passion for sheer work but certainly wont fall short to deliver a clean fade. Being a Mission native, she has deep roots in her community as wells as friends and family. Because she loves her work, she is committed to always learning and mastering her craft and herself, y habla espanol. 

Medardo Rocha 


Up and coming Barber who is always smiling and has developed a deep passion for the industry. Has been cutting hair for five years and can fade just about anything.  He is a Bay Area native who when not working, loves the outdoors. " I am humble and always willing to learn new techniques that can help me make you look your best"



Started hair styling five years ago and has never looked back. Tam's extensive art knowledge include both long and short hair topped with with todays  most styling trends. Originally from Vietnam, she has made San Francisco her home where she loves to giver her clients high quality hair service. When not at work, she enjoys watching a good movie and spending time with family. 

Alain Mirzai

Senior Barber

Alian has been cutting all over the world for over 20 years and specializes in Sheer and Razor techniques. He can do a mean Bald Fade with a straight razor and also uses all sheers for that detailed look you're looking for. 

Luis Candido  

Senior Barber

Brazilian born, Luis a man of many traits. For starters, he is a black belt in Ju-jitsu. He is also a  trained helicopter pilot along with being a musician that has traveled the world. Until 8 years ago, he found a passion for Barbering and has never looked back. Luis has worked at many fine establishments but found a home at Gents more than 3 years ago. He has a passion for grooming and loves to take special care of those looking for a great shave. 

Our Team

Our Team