Our Services

Haircu $35 

Signature haircut with shampoo and conditioning treatment.  Prices may vary per service (Bald fade not included)

Bald Fade $45

A bald fade tapers down from the top, leading to shaved sides and back, includes razor line up 

Traditional Shave  $35

Time-honored straight razor face shave w/ soothing hot towel

Classic Buzz • $25

Detailed single guard clipper short cut; no scissor work

Little Guy  $25

4-12 years old

Facial Treatment  $30

Relaxing experience with face wash, mask, toner and hot towel

Beard Trim  $15

Classic mustache and beard trim

Head Shave  $35

Traditional fresh and clean straight razor head shave

Beard Trim with Razor Line-Up  $25

Beard trim with a razor line-up for that well-groomed look

Long Haircut  $45+

Haircuts on hair lengths to or beyond the shoulders

** Haircut & Shave Special  $60 **

Full experience including our signature haircut and traditional straight razor shave

** Haircut & Beard Trim Special • $45 **

Our signature haircut with classic mustache and beard trim.  Line up +$10

** Royal Hangover • $85 **

Royal experience including our signature haircut, traditional straight razor shave, and relaxing facial treatment

*Times may vary on booking site

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